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The executive director of the Tourism Company (PRTC), Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort, announced with Sydney Wolf, Chairman of the Puerto Rico Open, the beginning of the ninth edition of the Puerto Rico Open. This event will be held from 24 to 27 March 2016, at Coco Beach Resort.<br />
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"The Puerto Rico Open at Coco Beach, is a highly anticipated event and creates a huge boost to the tourism industry generates approximately 2,000 room nights and an economic impact of about $ 1.5 million of these nights straight quarters. For this and other reasons we continue giving support to this event, which has become a classic coveted by Puerto Rican fans and countries around the world who want to visit our golf courses and beauty in the Caribbean, "said Executive Director PRTC, Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort.<br />
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"I am very excited about the celebration of the ninth edition of the Puerto Rico Open at Coco Beach, the only event celebrating the PGA TOUR in the Caribbean and significantly contributes to our economy and the image of our island. Thanks to the continuous support of the Tourism company of Puerto Rico, our sponsors, about 800 volunteers and Puerto Rican general public will present a world class tournament and after that about one billion people around the world enjoy everything we as a country have to offer. we invite Puerto Rican families to come to Puerto Rico to see the best courses in the world and enjoy all the events we have coordinated, "said Sidney Wolf, Chairman of the Puerto Rico Open at Coco Beach.<br />
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CAPTION: From left, Rafael Rovira, Coco Beach Golf Club; Alex Cejka, winner of the 2015 Puerto Rico Open Edition; Ingrid Rivera Rocafort, director of Puerto Rico Tourism Office.