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Eddie Guerrero, Venezuelan designer based in Puerto Rico, presented his new 2011 Fall-Winter collection inspired by the Master Piece of the Italian Renaissance writer Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy.<br />
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Eddie Guerrero's Divine Comedy was presented as a drama play. The centenary Teatro Tapia in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico was the setting for this spectacular collection., where the models used the stage and central corridor as a catwalk. A unique creative concept that recreates a play where fashion was carried beyond what we are accustomed to seeing.<br />
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The presentation of Guerrero's 2011 Fall-Winter Collection was divided into three acts. First act, a vision of Hell where a predominance of black and red. Then the Purgatory, the color palette was purple and orange. Finally Guerrero gave us a tour into the Paradise, the color was white with touches of glitter and feathers, vey rich in textures. Among the pieces presented for men and women dominated the cotton, silks, chiffon, lace, mesh, twill, feathers, sequins and colorful belts.